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This journey is uniquely yours, and no woman should have to walk it alone.


Hi, I’m Tara and I care about the health and wellbeing of mums.

Why?  Because, being a mum, I understand the challenges after having a baby.   Sore nipples, feeling depleted, overwhelm, lack of sleep.  And hormones going haywire. 
I learned only 1/3 of mums meet their breastfeeding goals.  The goal of feeding pain-free and for the length of time they desired.
I learned so much about the changes that happen to a new mother – immediately after birth, that I knew I had to share this.  It’s not common knowledge.
My own journey as a mum to 5 beautiful beings, has been a lot of joy. And it also resulted in bloating, digestive issues and thinning hair amongst other things. I’ve also had heartache.
Nutrition is key to avoid, or heal depletion, inflammation and hormone imbalances.  For mothers, it has to be the right nutrition.  
A mothers care during the early weeks and months postpartum determines her future health and wellbeing. Our postpartum experience even affects how we go through menopause .
So, here I am.  With knowledge and 32+ years as a mum, I have a desire to help as many mothers as I can, feel their best again so they can be the mum they want to be.  
And when a mum is feeling good, and healthy, she can care for her family better.  Healthy families create healthy communities, which makes the world go around.
Here’s what to do next:
Download your FREE Postpartum Wellness Guide – it’s got great tips for after birth and nutritious recipes you’ll want to try immediately.
Then book your FREE call with me so we can chat about where you’re at and what you need.
I’m here for you, mama.
Many Blessings
Free Postpartum recipes

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